The dawn gives way to sunlight
Birds sing, the breeze feels right
Rested without any cares
Breath in, the sweet morning air

Time to find, some roads that wind
Views of the sea, mountains and trees

With Ruby as… Read more

Love To Sing

Funny in life how I've been affected
People's influence on where I've headed
Move my soul in a cheerful way
Singing is a part of their day to day

Cause they love to sing, Sing anything
Sing anywhere, Songs to… Read more

Good bye

I heard today I wouldn't see you any more Hope for you the skies are blue and sunshine fills your soul Always try to remember the good, forget the bad Life is short and many regret what they have saidRead more

Thank you For...

Thank you, thank you thank you For good things I do not see Thank you, thank you thank you For balance in the land and sea
We are all intertwined In something quite divine Some answers hard to find For… Read more

Jean n' James

There is a lady who's coming to town But she don't know where she's goin She gets off the train it still feels the same As the last time coming or goin And she has a name Of a friend… Read more

It's Christmas Time

It's Christmas time Together being time I want to tell you how I feel for you
How do I describe The way I feel inside All my special dreams have come true, with you
We'll have a Merry Christmas honey … Read more

Shadows Song

Verse 1
Remember when you walked into my life
Hard to say who needed who more
Every good morning and every good night
We were in tune to the core

It's hard to say goodbye to an old friend… Read more

Lost Soul Contemplation

So what is the point of living Do I need to have an answer today The hopelessness my soul is gripping I want to run, but am forced to stay

The truth is a matter of opinion What's right depends… Read more

Small Town Blues

The view is hazy, I'm dazed, I'm crazy
Think I've come down with the small town blues

On a short stop, I plan to walk
But I think I'm fallin for you

In the coffee shop there's lots of talkin… Read more

The Travelling Song

     Chorus The road is calling out to me To a place I'd rather be Winding roads and open spaces Seeing sights and different faces The road is calling out to me To a place I'd rather be      Verse 1 Checking… Read more