Baby I'm Back 

Verse 1
E                                 A Existing in the city, living pretty D                                    E Drowning in the darkness of neglect E                                   A Dreams give meaning, and feelings D                      E Moving in debris of regrets
Chorus E Running for a long time, long time, hard core A Living on a blind edge, blind edge, closed doors D                                         E Looking for a way to get back to you E Jumping… Read more

New Beginnings 

Verse 1 C                           G At the end of the road D                 G7 No place to go C           G              D Looking for a new home C                G Living life alone D                           G7 Now that you're gone C              G                   D Trying to make a fresh start
Chorus                  Am                Em Cause you… Read more

Dancing on Black and White 

Dancing on Black and White
Verse 1 Em Checking out the options in this moving game of chess C Try to keep some focus; what matters, what makes sense D                                      C Letting go of ownership that wasn't mine to have Am                                   B7 Feeling like a pawn in all this mess
Chorus Em              Am        D                Am What does it take for battles to… Read more

Where Am I Babe 

Em  G  C  D

Where am I babe
Deep inside babe
C                                 D
your passion, draws me near
Feel my soul babe
Still untold babe
C                                   D
Your secrets treasured dear

Verse 1
F                     C        G
no ones looking out for you
F                C          G
You can not tell the truth
F                 C          G
How will you ever survive
F                C         G
Without my help inside

Where am I babe
Deep inside babe
C… Read more

Can't Wait 

Can't Wait
Verse 1 G                             C Hanging on the edge of time G                               C Changes happening in my life D                   C Waiting on your news D                           C I don”t know what to do G Sitting blue
Chorus G Can't wait; can't wait; I can't wait F Could you give me a clue C                                G So I can sort out what to do G Can't wait; can't wait; I can't wait F To hear the news from you C… Read more

Lets Try Try Again 

I'm not sure what happened I thought we were okay But now you say you just want to be friends I'm gonna try and try and try again
Been together a long time Love you as you are Turns out it hasn't been enough I didn't see the signs, the signs in time
I'm taking down our pictures My finger still has a dent Years have passed, it wasn't meant to last You could say we had a good stint
I hope you find someone in life that makes you feel good That makes you feel good
I'm not sure what happened Lets live a… Read more


Intro G G CBAB 
Chorus G Looking through the old days Am The life we made G                               C To find new ways, for us G                          D We are searching, searching CBAB
Verse 1 Am                              C It's just old news I'm seeing G                                            C These faded eyes have seen before Am                                     F We're never satisfied with reason                           D Always… Read more

A Path For You 

Vs 1 C          G                      C                G Been a while since we said goodbye C             G               C         G Seasons pass, the days go by F When you're gone life's not the same C                                            G C G I wonder how you are each day
Chorus C                     E            F G You're always on my mind C       E            F G After all this time C             E                F   D … Read more

Dance Dance The Dance 

Vs 1
Am C G Dance, dance the dance Am Desire lights hungry fires G Long hours, devoured F Many late nights C To get things right G Sort through plans and goals
Vs 2 Am C G Dance, dance the dance Am You might, have a choice G Listen to your voice F It bursts inside C Fills your drive G Until your passions out
Chorus Am C G Dance, dance; dance for your dreams F C G They might work out for you one day Am C… Read more