Won't Let Her In Anymore 

C     D    Em
Mm mm mm 
Verse 1
Em                    Em/G      Am       Em
Rough wooden splinters, looking out
Em                   Em/G    Am                 Em
Wild piercing weather, pushing at my house
Am                                     D                                 Em
She feigns her weakened state, wanting to come in
Am                                    D                           Em
I watch her through the window, trying to get in
Em             Em/G     Am                Em
Relentless tension,…

We Found Us 

G     F             C     G     F             C
Daa da da da daa; Daa da da da daa 

Verse 1
C                   D
Independent outlooks
G                     C
Connected on Facebook
Am                                        Bm                   D
Reaching out for something old, something new, with you

D              G           C             D
We found us, together we're better
D              G                    C           D
We found us, who could ask for more

Am                             D

Your Light 

Refrain... Mmm
Verse 1
Your glistening smile shines on me 
Thank you for sharing your light
Rays of laughter help me breathe
Easy with you in my life
Refrain... Mmm
Verse 2
Magic warmth touches me
I'm thankful you're by my side
Visions bright illustrious dreams
Moving my soul to the light... to the light
Refrain... Mmm
I've yelled, I've cried, I've lost and won
Strong and calm you've held on
You've held on
Refrain... Mmm
Verse 3
Your dazzling ways blur my sights
Thank you for being my guide
Synergy sparkles day and…


Intro 2 bars
C       Em                                  D
Ah... Ah... there's nothing to say anymore

Chorus 1
Em             C                                           Em
Broken, through my life I've kept it all inside
C                                  Em
You don't understand why
I cry

C       Em                                 D
Ah... Ah... there's nothing to say anymore

Verse 1
C                                                 D
Reminders of the past are everywhere
G                       F  …

Walking With You Baby 

Verse 1
 D                          F
Summer night, the moon shines bright
   C                               G
A warm sea breeze, it feels so right
D                             F
Feel the sand underneath our feet
 C                                    G          E7
There's nothing quite so sweet...as I'm

F                  G
Walking with you baby
F                  G
Walking with you baby
F                    G
We're walking together baby

Verse 2
D                        F
Autumn leaves, fall gracefully


Verse 1
Am      G                D7
Love comes to an open heart
Am          G            D7
A leap of faith a place to start
Am             G             F7
You held my hand and touched my heart
Am             Bm       C
Whispers of who we are

G      B7        C
Just believe in me
C       G         D
I'll believe in you
G             B7        C
It's all we need to do
C            G          D
Love will see us through

Verse 2
 Am              G                   D7
There's many ways to show I care

I'm Longing 

Verse 1
 A7             Bm7        A7                    Bm7          A7         Bm7     A7    
My love for you goes on, these lonely days so long, so long without you, 
Bm7                     A7    Bm7 A7       Bm7
Nothing feels the same, without you 

          C                        G       Am        G                       F
I can't help but wonder why, why my love for you won't die
I'm longing
            C                G                      Am     
For the good times, memories of a sweet…

Old Fashioned Christmas 

Intro... D//C//G////D//C//G////D////D////
Verse 1
D// G//                  C//         G//
You ask me what I want for Christmas
D//           C//           G////
How bout happy memories
D//G//           C//                 G//
I dream of an old fashioned Christmas
D// C//           G////
No TV or high-speed
              D//    G//                D//
(We can) laugh, sing and play games
G//         D//          G//            D//
Listen to stories, a childs' delight  
G//     D//     G//                  …


Verse 1
D         Am              C
Years ago, I met a soul 
Who changed my life 
D               Am                     C
Feisty and bold, her beauty cast
In her light

F      C                       E                              Am
Starshine you fill my heart, challenge my mind
Am                   F                 C
Visions we've shared, over time
         E                                                                     Am
Your dreams will go on and on keep…

Living On The Street 

Verse 1
Em   G             D         A                   Em
She dreams of places she's never been
Em   G                  D              A                     Em
She walks through streets, in search of a friend
Em   G        D             A          Em
She climbs mountains into the sky
Em   G         D         A                         C
The world is safe, a world made in her mind
 C     G
Livin on the street
 C                              G
Some days there isn't much to eat
 C            G                      …