C      G     D      C      D      Am
Mm  Mm  Mm   Mm  Mm  Mm 

Verse 1
C                  G                            D
I met an old soul, walking one day
C                              G                             D
He asked me how I was, I said, doing okay
C                                G                     D
He said I looked distracted in a knowing way 
He asked...

Am                            D                                      Am
If you only had one song; which would you listen to

I Can't Even Cry 

Am  D  F  E
Verse 1
C                       Em      F                          C
You left to work away, phoned me every day
C              Em                F    G
Our lives changed over time
C                           Em               F                C
We were young at heart; it was hard to be apart
C                           Em                       F     G
Never thought our love would not survive
F        C          F               C
I was faithful, you sent a letter
F         C            G
Telling me…

Cool Dark 

Verse 1
E7              D7
Cool Dark, distant heart
E7                   D7
Eyes frozen in space
Chills my spine
Are you alive
F7               G7          A
Controls precisely in place
C                 G            D
How do you find your way

Verse 2
E7              D7
Cool Dark, earth's salt
E7                                  D7
Words fall hard through the air
Empty squeeze
Can you breath
F7           G7               A
Strong beliefs hidden here
C              G        D
You don't shed a tear

Verse 3

My Perfect Space 

Verse 1
F7                C
The world is busy
E                Am
People in a rush
F7                           C
You can search for happiness
F                C
My perfect space
E                                       Am
When everything falls into place
F                                   G 
Time relaxes, when I'm here
F               C
My true escape
E                     Am
Mm sure feels great 
F                         G
Spending time at home
Verse 2
F7                 C
Please come in
E              Am…

Home of the Black Sheep 

Verse 1
Sacred is the home of the Black Sheep
Where outcast souls can come to rest
From shards of shattered light on family truths
And the burden of the broken picket fence
Verse 2
You might wonder how you got here
There is no reason to feel ashamed
Being different from your kin is not a worry
It's your differentness they want to blame
Verse 3
Here's a place where you can live truly
Be yourself, relax and feel safe
There's only two rules in this homestead
Be sober and pull your own weight
Verse 4
Words are said…

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The Difference 

C  D  F  G  D     
                  Mm mm
Verse 1
Am                  Em
How have you been 
F                                    C
I haven't seen you for a while 
C                    G           F
You're looking good to me
C                         E        F                    C
We shared each day until you moved away
 C                            G                   F
There's been some change in my routines
C                        D                     F                 G
I've made some changes in…

New Normal 

C     F      C      F
Mm  Mm  Mm  Mm 
Verse 1
Walking through another day
F                                                    C
Facing something new a different way
New normal
Had new jobs, new homes, new rides
F                                                                       C
Routines changed; changed my point of view 
New normal
F                                   C
You see my new ways, I'm in a new place
Let me try this out
Feel some inner doubt
You can help me out
To find my…

Dirt Church 

C  C7 F/G  G7 
Oh ... ha ha!
Verse 1
C                                          F
Gloves, helmet, boots, new goggles today
C                                      F
Looking out the window, it looks okay
F                    C             F                  C
Chain check, oil check, fuels topped up
Getting ready for a day of hills and bumps... Oh
C                                 G7
Dirt church, is always held outside

Won't Let Her In Anymore 

C     D    Em
Mm mm mm 
Verse 1
Em                    Em/G      Am       Em
Rough wooden splinters, looking out
Em                   Em/G    Am                 Em
Wild piercing weather, pushing at my house
Am                                     D                                 Em
She feigns her weakened state, wanting to come in
Am                                    D                           Em
I watch her through the window, trying to get in
Em             Em/G     Am                Em
Relentless tension,…

We Found Us 

G     F             C     G     F             C
Daa da da da daa; Daa da da da daa 

Verse 1
C                   D
Independent outlooks
G                     C
Connected on Facebook
Am                                        Bm                   D
Reaching out for something old, something new, with you

D              G           C             D
We found us, together we're better
D              G                    C           D
We found us, who could ask for more

Am                             D