Cool Dark

Verse 1
E7              D7
Cool Dark, distant heart
E7                   D7
Eyes frozen in space
Chills my spine
Are you alive
F7               G7          A
Controls precisely in place
C                 G            D
How do you find your way

Verse 2
E7              D7
Cool Dark, earth's salt
E7                                  D7
Words fall hard through the air
Empty squeeze
Can you breath
F7           G7               A
Strong beliefs hidden here
C              G        D
You don't shed a tear

Verse 3
E7               D7
Cool Dark, on guard
E7                        D7
Composed every scene
Secret lies
Folded tight
F7            G7       A
Watchful in your dreams
C            G                D
Can you feel and be free
F7              G7                     Am
Cool Dark, Cool Dark, Cool Dark
(c) copyright Kathryn Jean Alexander
     March 30th, 2019