Old Fashioned Christmas

Intro... D//C//G////D//C//G////D////D////
Verse 1
D// G//                  C//         G//
You ask me what I want for Christmas
D//           C//           G////
How bout happy memories
D//G//           C//                 G//
I dream of an old fashioned Christmas
D// C//           G////
No TV or high-speed
              D//    G//                D//
(We can) laugh, sing and play games
G//         D//          G//            D//
Listen to stories, a childs' delight  
G//     D//     G//                   D//
Generations, neighbours and friends
G//           D//        C//        D//C//G////D//C//G////D////D////
Share in a pot luck, by candle light 
Verse 2
Business exploits the meaning of Christmas
For one day of the year  
Many folks are alone at Christmas
We can spread old fashioned cheer
Verse 3
Missing loved ones far away at Christmas
Feeling blessed to be here
Keep in touch, that's an old fashioned Christmas
Cheerful greetings in the mail
D//          E//               G////
Maybe I'm asking a little much
D//         E//               G////
To share a whole day unplugged
D//        E//              G////
Still Hoping for a little luck
D//          C//                G////                D////D////
I want an old fashioned Christmas...with you...

(c) copyright  Kathryn Jean Alexander  December 12,2017