We Are Witness

Verse 1
E                                      E7
Farmer on his tractor in the middle of his greenhouse
His land yields many crops
E                          E7
Living his dream in horticology
Trying to keep up
E         G
We are witness
C                D
To societies divergence
E          G
We can make a difference
B7                 E
To a changing world
Verse 2
Cubicals connected to computer screens
Working far from home
Lifestyles change as the years go by
More time for our phones
Verse 3
Digital replacement of friends and family
Bring them wherever we go
How do they fit in our communities
Human touch is running low
Instrumental break
E                                  C
What would we do if the powers lost
D                        A
Energy is technologies blood
E                                 C
A world full of people would scream and shout
D                               A
We'd rise to the challenge and sort it out
Chorus repeat 
(c) copyright Kathryn Jean Alexander 
January 12, 2017