Your Light

Refrain... Mmm
Verse 1
Your glistening smile shines on me 
Thank you for sharing your light
Rays of laughter help me breathe
Easy with you in my life
Refrain... Mmm
Verse 2
Magic warmth touches me
I'm thankful you're by my side
Visions bright illustrious dreams
Moving my soul to the light... to the light
Refrain... Mmm
I've yelled, I've cried, I've lost and won
Strong and calm you've held on
You've held on
Refrain... Mmm
Verse 3
Your dazzling ways blur my sights
Thank you for being my guide
Synergy sparkles day and night
Your honour your light
Refrain... Mmm
Synergy sparkles day and night
In honour of your light... your light  

(c) Copyright Kathryn Jean Alexander
     February 9th, 2019